Green Energy
Iowa has some of the most productive farmland in the world, but the growing season is only about four months out of any given year. The rest of the seasons are too cold for agricultural production. Indoor farming, heated by excess energy from mining, solves both of these problems. Our primary goal in vertical farming will be to maximize agricultural output within a limited space, over multiple growing seasons in a single calendar year, while still using less energy, less water, and no pesticides.
Moreover, Robotanai will be able to produce at 95% rate of greater efficiency than traditional farming. In addition to the savings in space, water, and energy, our growing time, transportation time and cost, and our healthy agricultural products all combine to add significant value to our financial bottom line. Other companies in this space are paying higher energy costs through bulk rate contracts and the exorbitant costs of heating their buildings during the six to nine cooler months of the year. Robotanai, however, has lower per-watt pricing because of our megawatt mining purchases and our nearly free heating costs.