Bitcoin mining requires extensive (and some would say excessive) amounts of energy. Coal-fired plants and nuclear power are but some of the concerns raised by environmentalists against the crypto-mining industry. But Vortex is committed to a clean earth, seeking ways to mitigate these problems. For example, our choice of location is Iowa, a state with abundant wind energy at a moderately low cost (below five cents per kilowatt hour). Iowa is also cold, so we know that we can recycle the heat that is produced by our mining machines toward our Robotanai agricultural operations. In other bitcoin mining companies, this energy is wasted, possibly greenhouse gasses and carbon footprints and unknown environmental consequences.
Megawatts of excess heat is too much for any office or warehouse. Employees do not want to be in an 88-degree fahrenheit workplace, and why should a company heat a whole building in the evening, when no employees are working? Our efforts in manufacturing robots and electronic devices, coupled with our artificial intelligence company, has brought us to the obvious conclusion: we will aggressively invest in indoor, vertical farming.